Terms And Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 27 May 2018.

In an effort to provide our valued clients with the most up-to-date and accurate information, as well as to ensure that Partzauto is always delivering to our clients the most comprehensive products portfolio and platform, Partzauto is continuously implementing real-time updates to our online superstore and platform. Due to the tremendous amount of variety and diversity of our products offered, Partzauto desires to have our clients well informed, and clients should be aware of the relevant federal, state, city, and local laws that govern their transactions on products they purchase. As a result of the dynamism of our market, updates, modifications, amendments, alterations, and changes must necessarily occur at any time, without prior notice, to these Terms & Conditions. Modifications may include but are not limited to pricing, availability, suggested use, fitment, compatibility, and warranties.

The information contained here on the website is provided for information and is indicative purposes only. No representation or warranty is made hereof as to the accuracy, content, suitability, or completeness of the information.

Generally, Partzauto disclaims all loss and is not responsible for, any additional charges, labor, loss, or damage incurred as they are related to the products purchased from Partzauto unless otherwise permitted under these Terms & Conditions. This disclaimer applies in all events, and to all situations.

In addition to the general disclaimer above, Partzauto and Develop Clicks specifically disclaims the following categories of loss:

Additional charges arising from the following:

Any labor costs associated with the products. Specifically, in no event, whatsoever, will Partzauto pay for any labor costs associated with the products, loss of use of vehicle, loss of time traveling back and forth to autobody shops, post offices’, experts, etc., lost time at work if the vehicle is used for work, etc;

Customer remorse; a locality restricting a product at a later point in time after purchase; ancillary costs associated with shipping and storage of the products (this includes damages associated with delayed deliveries). While we work to avoid any errors, omissions, or any misstatements that may appear on the Partzauto website, we do reserve the right to cancel any undelivered orders based on inaccurate information and/or product stock/inventory not available.

Please do keep in mind that this disclaimer applies to all products offered on this particular website, and in the event of any conflicting terms contained on specific pages of the website, the terms contained in this Terms & Conditions, and disclaimer, shall control.